Functional Home Storage, Done Beautifully

As storage buffs, we love when functional storage meets beautiful design. Over here at Hanover Storage, we’re always on the hunt for quick and easy (but beautiful) storage design ideas for our homes.

Check out some of our favourite ideas below:

Hanover Storage Hanover Ontario Mini Storage Solutions
Vertical Shelves

1. Declutter Counters: we all accumulate so many appliances over the years and end up without much usable counter space. Install shelves above your workspace to free up space! If you’re a coffee or cocktail lover, use these shelves to create a “vertical coffee station” or “vertical bar cart”.

Hanover Storage Hanover Ontario Mini Storage Solutions
The Glass Pantry

2. We love the idea of using glass containers for pantry organization, and there are lots of creative ways to label your collection, from glass etching, professionally printed labels, free-hand writing, and more.

The Walk-By Closet

3. This one if our personal favourite! The Walk-By Closet allows you to display your favourite shoes, bags, or outfits, all while making them easily accessible for you to grab-and-go, and freeing up your precious closet space.


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