How storage is a mover’s best friend

By Moosa Kidwai, Edited by Rachel Petersen

If you’ve ever moved before, you know how essential a storage unit can be to keep your furniture and belongings safe while you’re between spaces. Moving is a very stressful process and it’s not usually easy. However, having a storage unit where you can safely store your valuables mid-move, whether they come with you or not, will help take a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

A storage unit allows you to set items aside that won’t be needed for a while or may not yet have a home in your new space. Those delicate family heirlooms and the several boxes of heavy books need not clutter your new home as you work to unpack essentials. Having a storage unit handy means that you can focus on your move and not where you’re going to put your grandmother’s dinner plates. After unpacking and organizing your place to your satisfaction, you will finally be able to think about what to do with your precious items that you have in storage. Luckily, everything is safe and secure in a heated, indoor storage unit.

A storage unit also comes in handy when your moving dates don’t line up. You have to be out of your current home by the end of the month but don’t get your keys to your new home for a few more days? Drop your non-essentials in a storage unit until you’re ready to make the move.

A storage unit will be your best friend in the moving process and help you have the least stressful move possible.