How decluttering can give you a peace of mind

By Chad McIntyre, Edited by Paula Lacsena

We’re  surrounded by things that suffocate us.

Sometimes I come home at the end of the week and ask myself, “What kind of people live here?” Me. Just me. I know that I could either continue to overstock on random items and have them collect dust or thoroughly go through my possessions and ask myself, “Do I really need this? Have I used this recently? Am I going to use this soon?”

Overstocking doesn’t lead to happiness
We tend to hang on to many material possessions, so we sometimes fail to realize that objects cannot bring us long lasting happiness; people and moments do. We’re incapable of changing the way we live because of the things in our lives that we choose to tie ourselves down to—our clothes, books, accessories, and the many other things that we overstock on over the years.

Do you really want to continue collecting  these items, only to have them become untouched clutter? I certainly don’t! When we come home, we want to do nothing but relax. If we come home to a space with minimal clutter, we would find relaxing much easier.

Storage units are your home’s best friend
Personally, looking at clutter stresses me out.  My solution for people who have an overstock of unnecessary items is to invest in a storage unit. Storage units can easily store your seasonal decor, furniture, clothes, and any other excess material possessions. Once you store your possessions, you can put them away and wait for a period of time before  going through them again. Surely, you will come across things that you didn’t even realize you packed up and you’ll see what you didn’t need in the first place.

Investing in a storage unit will allow you to come home to a clean and organized space, where you can relax with ease. After all, you have control over what stays and goes in your life.

You can breathe now!