Complete guide to Boat Storage

With winter season just in the nearby corner, it is important to start thinking of storing your boat before it starts freezing over. It is necessary to prep your boat before storage, but also essential to determine the right storage method.  Before putting your boat away there must be proper safeguards put in place to protect your boat from elements such as several months of corrosion and mildew build up.



In preparing your boat you must make sure all items in the boat are properly extracted and emptied.

  • Remove all fabrics including leather, and use moisture absorbent products to avoid mould build up.
  • Empty the water tank in the boat and dry out all areas to discourage mildew.
  • All electronics should  be removed from the boat.
  • The boat’s engine and other components must also be properly checked and  lubricated.
  • Start by spraying the engine interior with oil for rust protection.
  • Make sure that the fuel tank is full before storage and perform any oil change to eliminate rust impurities.
  • All batteries and drive belts must be removed to avoid a dead battery and cracked belt while in storage
  • The exterior of the boat must be properly waxed to avoid potential rust during storage.
  • Finally, seal off all openings, and cover your boat with a snug fitting fabric to protect from moisture and dirt.

No matter your location, the best method to keeping your boat protected through winter is through self storage. By investing in a self storage unit to store your boat you are guaranteed several comforts including security and convenience. At Hanover storage, we have the right sized spaces available for your boat. Our seasonal storage facility gives you the comfort of security for your watercraft. You also have access to your boat at anytime during the winter while in storage, either to perform maintenance or take it out during a rare warm day.

By prepping your boat and investing in a safe secure storage unit, your boat will be ready for the next warm season to hit the water!

For more information on our storage units, please contact us

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