How to winterize your wheelers

motorcycle prepped for storage in garage

As we gear up for the fall season, its time to start thinking about the best way to store your summer favorite toys – Motorcycle and ATV. Contrary to popular belief, you certainly do not want to leave your wheeler outside, exposing them to harmful elements. By putting your recreational wheeler into winter self storage, you have a better chance of keeping it protected. However storing your wheeler, requires preventative maintenance to keep it in top condition for the next warm season.


  • Wash motorcycle to remove any dirt and insects, wax bike to protect paint.
  • Ensure that you clean and condition the bike’s leather
  • Make sure you keep engine in check; do an oil change and a oil filter change. Add fresh fluids to your motorcycle like fuel stabilizer, antifreeze e.t.c
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before storage
  • Finally, cover your motorcycle with a breathable fabric covers



Atv Bike Prepped for storage

  • Preparing your ATV for the winter is dependent on the type of engine it has. Be sure to check specific manuals for storage instructions
  • However if your engine has a carburetor, drain the fuel out. Make sure to also unplug the battery before storing.
  • ATV with fuel engines do not need fuel drained but a fuel stabilizer is highly recommended before winter storage


Choosing the right storage for your wheeler is essential in keeping your wheeler intact throughout the winter. Do your research, prepare your motorcycle or ATV and use a self storage with appropriate climate control and security. Not sure how much storage your wheeler would need? Check out our seasonal storage deals and we can recommend the right size unit for your wheeler.


For more information on our storage units, please contact us

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