How to Make Money from Home

woman using laptop on deskRather than getting a second job to earn a little extra money for a rainy day, it’s now possible to make money from the comfort of your own home. Many people start up a home business to build a full-time income, while some just want to generate a little extra cash.

One way to make some extra cash is to rent out your spare room. If you have children who have moved away to university or moved out for good, this is a perfect way to make extra cash. If you just simply have a spare holding room, why not store the boxes in a self-storage unit and offer the room out to a lodger instead? There are a number of different websites available to help you find a lodger to move into your spare room, such as Air Bnb.

Another way to make money from home could be to offer your professional services  remotely as either a translator, content writer, transcriber, or website developer – for example – to companies around the country or even the world. You’ll need to develop a portfolio, since the reputation you gain will be based on the standard of work you deliver compared. Make to create a good network of clients. Freelance work can be a little less consistent, therefore it is advisable to work with a number of different companies.

Consider starting a home or eCommerce business. Making money from home couldn’t be simpler when you’re doing something you love. If you have a practical skill you could set up a business from home and sell your wares either locally or online. With a business based from home, you can start building a community by offering your services to friends, family and acquaintances and then move out into the wider market once you know you’ve got products or services that people are looking for.

If you don’t have space at home, why not set up a home office from a storage unit? That way you have a fully designated space for your crafts or storage for your products and it doesn’t have to invade your home.


Preparing your Home for Sale

home-for-sale-hanoverOne of the important steps during a house sale, is preparing your house for “staging”. This will give potential buyers a taste of what it could be like living there. It is an extremely important part of the selling process and could help you sell faster, possibly also add thousands to the property value. Estate agents can only do so much to sell your house which means many factors depend on you and your depiction of the home.

Keeping your home clean can make your home stand out especially when the photographers turn up. Clean the carpets, sofas, curtains or blinds, oven and windows with special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Many estate agents advise that a stylish, clean and well-designed bathroom and kitchen adds serious value.

Remember to declutter especially if you have too much stuff visibly lying around the house. Not only will it make your home appear smaller and messier, it can also distract potential buyers. Move unnecessary furniture into the attic, basement or garage to make some extra space. Perhaps an even better solution is to contact your local self storage facility. At Hanover storage our units are affordable, clean, dry, secure and ideal for all your household storage requirements.painting

The exterior matters too. A fresh coat of paint and a well-kept garden can make a massive difference. Add some freshness and color to the interior. Once again, painting is a great idea and also adding modern light fittings, cabinet door handles and strategically placed flowers.

Quick Tips to Keep Toys Organized

Organizing your children’s rooms can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if they have more toys than you have storage space, but there’s no need to panic! We have some great storage and organisation ideas to help you. toys-hanover



  • To store their books, DIY a quick and simple book shelf this. You can put a spice rack up on the wall or on the back of the door where the little ones can reach them


  • Organize toys into containers or baskets. Keep them on shelves to keep the room tidy and organised. Put toys used the most at the bottom for easy access. Make sure the shelves are secure and safe for the children to use – it may be a good idea to attach it to the wall.


  • Make cleaning up easy by clearly labeling all the containers or baskets so your kids know where everything goes. If your children are old enough, get them to help out and get them to put it back in the right box. It’s a great way to teach cleaning and organisation as they grow. Best of all, they’ll know where everything goes from the start and they can’t say that they’ve lost it


  • Consider portable storage containers. Use painted wooden crates or metal bins for personalized stylish option for children of all ages. With an endless array of colors, patterns, fonts and shapes to choose from, these storage containers can be a cool and decorative addition to any room


  • Every once in a while, be sure to do a clean out of toys and clothes and separate them into 3 piles: keep, donate and discard. Throw away any broken toys, and store or donate any toys or clothes that your child has outgrown.

Need help decluttering your home? Contact us for for your personal self storage. We have a wide range of secure storage unit sizes to suit your needs.

Make Your Home Green Friendly

Making your house more environmentally friendly, besides contributing to an healthy environment, helps save money around your household.

There are many ways to go green around your house and make a difference to the world. One of such ways is switch light bulbs to CFL or LED lights. Changing your compact flourescent lights, can help you lower your energy costs through a more efficient use of power. This way, you are helping the environment and ensuring your house is brightly lit.

Make use of a compost bin for your gardening can help cut down on food waste being sent to landfill, and give your plans a rich nutritious fertilizer. In the kitchen, place a small bin in your kitchen so that when you are cooking you can throw away food scraps like onion skins, potato and carrot peelings. Transfer to garden, and wait to decompose


Plastic bags are harmful to the environment because they take time to decompose, therefore make use of reusable bags. Instead of a new plastic bag whenever you go shopping, take the greener option and use reusable bag.

Underfloor heating are a great way to maximize space efficiency and heat absorption in the home. It uses a lot less energy and heats up a larger space much more efficiently than traditional radiators can. If you’re thinking of installing underfloor heating throughout your home, fit a room at a time, storing the contents of the room in self-storage.

How to puppy proof your home

puppy-storageGetting a new puppy is an exciting time for any home. However there is also the responsibility to protect not only the puppy from its surroundings, but to protect the surroundings from the puppy.

Puppy-proofing the kitchen

Your puppy is going to be venturing into the kitchen, so firstly make sure that all cables and cords for electronics are out of reach and safely secured. If you have children, you’ll be well-versed in keeping cabinets and cupboards closed but if your puppy is your first new arrival, it’s a good idea to purchase childproof latches or locks for the cupboards you have at ground level. This won’t just protect against food going missing but can also keep harmful foods and cleaning products out of reach.

Puppy-proofing the bathroom

In the bathroom, it is crucial that you keep medicine out of reach and safely secured since they can be very harmful to your puppy. Childproof latches are a priority on cabinets and cupboards here too. Make sure your family is mindful about cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom. Also make sure the toilet lid is always left down, and the rubbish bin is closed or hidden away.

Puppy-proofing the bedroom

Making sure that all clothing and personal items are kept in closed wardrobes or cupboards is a great way to make sure that your puppy can’t use them as toys. Laundry should always be kept in a closed hamper or basket and shoes should be put out of reach. Other items in the bedroom, such as hair ties and jewelry, should also be kept out of reach as they can be choking hazards. Any exposed cords or wires should also be either hidden or stored inside chew-proof piping. If your bed has a gap underneath it build a temporary blockade around the bottom of the bed

Puppy-proofing the living areas

If you have pillows and blankets on your sofas, it’s a good idea to store them for the first few months until your puppy has adapted to your home and, once again, make sure all loose cables and wires are either hidden away or stored in chew-proof boxes. Office supplies, such as pens, paperclips, rubber bands and staples, should all be tidied up and put out of reach from your puppy.

If you’re bringing a new puppy home soon and have some possessions that you’d like to keep safe and secure while your furry friend gets used to its new surroundings, consider self-storage

Time to pack up the Halloween Decor

It’s that time of year again for the creepy and the spooky Halloween dress up, decorations and treats. But as much as fun as it may be, it’s an annual event so where do you store everything in between?

halloween-homeIn an ideal world you’d have an extra room to store everything; however, it’s never quite that simple is it? The short answer to solving your problem is renting a storage unit. It’s one way to remove unnecessary clutter from your home and keep everything safe. In preparing for storage, here are some things that you can do, to make sure your Halloween decorations are safe and secure for the following year.

Clean decorations before storage whether its dust bunnies or insects taking refuge in outdoor decorations especially. Make sure everything is completely dry before storage as inflatables often collect moisture.

Pile together all your Halloween costumes, party goods, fragile and other decorations. Take a photo and refer to it when shopping for a storage container. Halloween costumes should be carefully prepped and cleaned before storage. Fabric costumes should be laundered and stored in soft linen like tissue paper.

Simplify your life with great storage ideas like a translucent box. Try getting one with a colourful lid and label it as well just in case. This way you won’t waste time looking for your decorations

Use newspaper, soft towels or bubble wrap when storing fragile goods. Pack your goods carefully and as compact as you can. You don’t want breakables to have too much wiggle room while transporting.

If you have multiple Halloween storage boxes, clearly label each one. For example – costumes, indoor decorations, outdoor decorations and fragile.

When you go Halloween shopping this year, think about hanging on to it for years to come. Not only will you save money, you’ll also save on space.

Swedish Death Cleaning?

If you are like most people, then you have no idea what this is. However, for some it might be helpful and useful to know after a loved one passes. The term was developed by Margareta Magnusson in her book titled “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family From a Lifetime of Clutter” where she suggests a method of cleaning to help individuals deal with loss and possessions.


Margareta discusses how she dealt with the death of her parents and husband, including dealing with their possessions after. It discusses dostadning, the Swedish idea meaning death cleaning. The idea is to remove clutter so that your death does not become a burden to lovedones you leave behind.

The process is supposedly to begin at 65 and older. Possessions should be shed to avoid leaving loved ones with pile of materialistic things, and no idea what to do with them. This could be through selling items, or donating items.

Your Swedish cleaning could also use the help of a self-storage unit. Contact a self storage provider, for a unit to act as a halfway point. You can transfer all your belongings from home to the storage unit, then visit the storage when you are ready to begin sorting and complete the cleaning. Using a self storage unit for your Swedish Death Cleaning will prevent your home from being cluttered while you work through the process. You do not feel rushed and have sufficient space to involve your loved ones in the process.

So how do you get started? If you keep certain items in your home based on memory or feeling, you don’t need it. The process of Swedish Death Cleaning is to only hold on to what you need. The de-cluttering process has to be critical and not sentimental. The book suggests, cleaning your closets as a first start.