Fun Halloween Scare Ideas

We can talk about clever storage ideas all day but let’s get creative with a few Halloween treats and party ideas.


For your Halloween party game, Gross out your guests by filling a box with things resembling eyeballs, intestines, fingers or something slimy. Use a shoe box, cereal box or even an old Tupperware container. Cut a hole big enough for a hand but small enough to still hide the contents. Then cover with a sheet, add in some black paint, fake blood and spider webs to make it even better.

A few ideas to gross out even the bravest of souls include peeled grapes for eyeballs, cooked noodles as guts, canned peaches for liver and last but not least, over cooked rice as maggots. Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Add tomato sauce, cooking oil or even jelly to give it a real twist. Smell is important too so use onions, fish, sauerkraut or any other foul-smelling food. Don’t forget to line the box with a plastic bag to avoid leaks if you’re using wet items. Sit back and enjoy everyone’s reactions.

Why not take finger food to a whole new level with these scary tasty treats.

Big bowl of eyeballs?

Simply pour raspberry dessert into a bowl or plate and drop in a few chocolate eyeballs.

Hot dog mummies

Cut puff pastry into strips and wrap it around a frankfurter and decorate with mustard.

Cheesy bleeding fingers

Doesn’t sound very appetising but don’t let the name scare you. It’s just cheddar cheese, butter, flour and some skinless almonds. Follow this recipe and you’ll end up with a realistic looking plate of bloody fingers.

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