Storing your keepsake memories

Keeping your treasured memories safe is of utmost importance to many people. When you run out of attic space, or your shelves are overflowing with photo albums it is best to utilize a safe storage unit. However in addition to storing your personal memories in a safe unit, there are also effective ways to store your memories while making space in your home.


As we are now well situated in the digital age, it is the best time to make sure your physical copies are stored safely and securely. Photo albums are still the surest way to store photographs but specific types. For longer lasting storage, make use of acid-free paper photo albums to avoid damage or colors leaking out or photographs. An extra tip is organizing your photo albums by order. For example organize albums by year and place into boxes with clear labels of year.


Although it is recommended to recycle clothes as often as possible, we all have a clothing item that we keep for memory sake. Whether its a wedding dress or your child’s christening tutu, keeping it in top shape is as importantly of concern. If box storing clothes, make sure to put in a acid-free material. This is mostly likely the best form of cloth storage as it is easily protected from dust and light, as well as avoiding permanent crease. If storing by hanging, it is best to similarly use acid-free material. The best choice of bag is a muslin gown bag; which allows for air circulation while protecting fabric from dust, light and permanent creasing.


books-storage-.jpgIf you have a large collection of books, you can struggle with not enough bookshelf space or heavy weight of the books on the shelf. The best solution is to store some of the classics, or frequently less read books, for newer purchases. Use plastic boxes because they are less likely to form mildew or mold. Make sure to label boxes for easy access.

If you’re struggling to find space to store all of your memories in your home, why not consider a self-storage unit? At Hanover Storage, we offer a variety of different size units, all of them clean, secure and modern, and available for access 24/7. Contact us today

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