Make Your Home Green Friendly

Making your house more environmentally friendly, besides contributing to an healthy environment, helps save money around your household.

There are many ways to go green around your house and make a difference to the world. One of such ways is switch light bulbs to CFL or LED lights. Changing your compact flourescent lights, can help you lower your energy costs through a more efficient use of power. This way, you are helping the environment and ensuring your house is brightly lit.

Make use of a compost bin for your gardening can help cut down on food waste being sent to landfill, and give your plans a rich nutritious fertilizer. In the kitchen, place a small bin in your kitchen so that when you are cooking you can throw away food scraps like onion skins, potato and carrot peelings. Transfer to garden, and wait to decompose


Plastic bags are harmful to the environment because they take time to decompose, therefore make use of reusable bags. Instead of a new plastic bag whenever you go shopping, take the greener option and use reusable bag.

Underfloor heating are a great way to maximize space efficiency and heat absorption in the home. It uses a lot less energy and heats up a larger space much more efficiently than traditional radiators can. If you’re thinking of installing underfloor heating throughout your home, fit a room at a time, storing the contents of the room in self-storage.

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