Preparing your Home for Sale

home-for-sale-hanoverOne of the important steps during a house sale, is preparing your house for “staging”. This will give potential buyers a taste of what it could be like living there. It is an extremely important part of the selling process and could help you sell faster, possibly also add thousands to the property value. Estate agents can only do so much to sell your house which means many factors depend on you and your depiction of the home.

Keeping your home clean can make your home stand out especially when the photographers turn up. Clean the carpets, sofas, curtains or blinds, oven and windows with special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Many estate agents advise that a stylish, clean and well-designed bathroom and kitchen adds serious value.

Remember to declutter especially if you have too much stuff visibly lying around the house. Not only will it make your home appear smaller and messier, it can also distract potential buyers. Move unnecessary furniture into the attic, basement or garage to make some extra space. Perhaps an even better solution is to contact your local self storage facility. At Hanover storage our units are affordable, clean, dry, secure and ideal for all your household storage requirements.painting

The exterior matters too. A fresh coat of paint and a well-kept garden can make a massive difference. Add some freshness and color to the interior. Once again, painting is a great idea and also adding modern light fittings, cabinet door handles and strategically placed flowers.

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