Choosing the right self storage unit

Anyone can use self storage units but knowing how much space they really need, is a concern. Here at Hanover, our customers choose our self storage and seasonal storage units because they provide good value for money while keeping your property extra secure. The right size of storage unit for you depends on various factors.

storage room cluttered with boxes

If you have a home stacked with many content, you will likely need more space than someone with minimal living lifestyle. If you are unsure on how much space you might need, contact the storage facility, who can help you determine the size of unit you might need.

It is not necessary to use multiple storage units for all home content, when using a self storage unit correctly. What is important is maximizing space by packing your self-storage unit correctly. Specifically, prepping your items for storage allows you to maximize space effectively. By prepping items, you avoid miscalculating how much space you need. Once your items are packed and ready for storage, you’ll be able to see how much space you need.

An important element of choosing the right unit storage is the height of the storage unit. A good storage facility will have different size units allowing you to fit high or low items. For example, storing your boat will require a high ceiling unit and wide space. Using the right size unit is important for making sure your properties are ready to be used again when needed.

Still need a good reliable space? Contact the Hanover team today and find the right storage unit for you

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