Reasons to Use Self-Storage for Your Small Business

server at small restaurant

As a small business owner, you face a lot of stress during the initial setup process, operations and execution of business. One of the most crucial and early decision made by small business owners is deciding the storage method. Most people associate self-storage for personal use; moving, downsizing, but self-storage has so much more to offer:


Not every business can afford a massive business site from the get go to allow for storage. Using a self unit storage can alleviate the problems of storing inventory and non-important documents, off site. Common businesses using self storage are contractors, restaurants, retail stores and realtors.


Did you know that self storage unit is 60% cheaper than commercial spaces? Self storage is perfect for businesses that are going through a transition phase like de-cluttering, but also trying to avoid the high cost of renting a commercial space for storage. At self storage facilities you are not paying additional costs to keep your items safe. As your business grows also, having access to cheaper space is great for your business.


Using a self-storage unit allows for more flexibility which is key to any emerging business. A good self storage provider will be willing to be flexible with you and the context of your business. For example, you might need more room on your business site to venture into seasonal trends. Hanover storage offers seasonal storage unit that allows your needs to be accommodated.


Your business site might not be the most secure location for your assets and self storage becomes useful in this area. Security is important for anyone’s belongings and Hanover offers safe secure to store materials such as tools, documents, supplies and so much more. Small business owners are guaranteed safe keeping of their assets


Having a secure local self unit storage, is more convenient that storing them at a warehouse that is not easily accessible. Business owners can find a self storage in a location nearby which can be reached anytime of the day



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