Renovate or not?

man working on house renovations

Renovation is a challenging consideration regardless of whether its a new property you are doing up for your satisfaction or a current property to sell. It is important to consider all factors before renovating.


building-renovations.jpgUnderstanding the impact of your proposed renovation plans is necessary before any decision is made. Before renovating one must understand, that in most cases, renovation will often last longer and cost more than initially anticipated. This is especially true for new homeowners moving into the property. Also while it might be tempting to try DIY for your renovation, we do not recommend as the best option. It can greatly impact quality of your work or cause irreversible damage. Size is also a factor of consideration that should be decided early on the process. To curb the limits of your renovations due to size, consider renting a storage unit to make space for project work

It is important to consider the location of your property, to decide what renovations will increase property value, even if its not for sale. If surrounding properties have new renovations, it is probably best to do similar ones that might add value to property.

If you are selling, understanding the demographic of the buyer most likely to buy your house is key in renovation considerations. You can tailor your renovations to the current trends and tastes on the housing market. This considerations are important because the market value of your property do sell for more without renovations. Therefore it is a good idea to consult with an estate agent before renovations begin.

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