10 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of governing spatial relationships within the home, reputed to aid the flow of energy in positive directions that will improve your finances, mood and generally your entire life. Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate Feng Shui into your home.

  1. Open the front door
  2. Clear the clutter
  3. Seek balance
  4. Bring the outdoors in
  5. Use mirrors wisely
  6. Stop runway Chi
  7. Make your bedroom restful
  8. Place family photos wisely
  9. Incorporate living plants
  10. Light up your space

For a more in-depth guide on how to Feng Shui click here

Hanover Storage and help you Feng Shui your home by storing your extra possessions in a secured, monitored, and heated facility. Let us help you achieve your Feng Shui goals!

Wiarton Willie Predicts Early Spring

Everyday can feel like the movie Ground Hog day in the winter time, when the snow seems to keep coming day in and day out, and its freezing. But fear not, it looks like an early Spring is in sight according to our Bruce County friend Wiarton Willie.

Never mind what Willie’s eastern counterpart Shubenacadie Sam has to say, we will go with Willie’s prediction and take an early spring.

You can get an early start on your Spring organizing, and Hanover Storage can help! We offer indoor, heated and secured 8’x12′ storage units for just $69.95 per month! Give us a call or send us an email to reserve your unit.

5 Things to do on a Snow day

It’s that time of year again, when snow days are always looming over our heads. As a child you likely used to pray for snow days, but as an adult they are not as fun! Here are 5 things you can do on a snow day to keep yourself or your little ones occupied.

  1. Go tobogganing and warm up with hot chocolate and marshmallows or warm apple cider when you come in to thaw out. Wanna try making your own Hot Chocolate? Click here for a recipe.
  2. Build a blanket fort and watch your favorite movie. Grab all your cozy blankets and pillows and get creative, pop some popcorn, and have a cozy movie day.
  3. Make paper snowflakes from construction paper or regular printer paper. Decorate with whatever craft supplies you have on hand, crayons, markers, stamps or glitter glue. When finished tape them to the inside of your windows. You can find instructions here. 
  4. Bake chocolate chip cookies. Many hands in the kitchen make light work, get your little ones to help you measure and mix. Then enjoy warm with either hot chocolate or warm milk with cinnamon. You can find a tasty recipe here 
  5. Build a snowman! Channel your inner Elsa and make a snowman, is there anything better to do on a snow day?

January, the perfect time to de-clutter your home!

Did you know that January is the new September? Back to routine, new beginnings and a great time to re-organize and de-clutter your life and space! January is the perfect time to re-evaluate the space in your home, if you are looking for inspiration take a look at the new Netflix series Tiding Up with Marie Kondo .

Although some items in your house may not serve you now, they could later on in the year. So how do you de-clutter, simplify your life AND keep items that you know you will use later? Hanover Self Storage! We offer indoor, heated, monitored 8’x12′ storage units for only $69.95 per month! Check us out today and let us help you achieve your organization goals!

Recycling to de-clutter your home

One great way to maximize space in your home is consistent recycling. The process of recycling can be extremely overwhelming if done all at once. There’s a lot that can be recycled in every room, with the right guidance. Room by room, here are our favorite ways to make that extra space through recycle.


  • Recycling in the bedroom is the easiest to figure out. Start with old linens that no longer serve its purpose. Does your bedding still work or is it starting to feel old and shabby? Recycle or donate
  • With clothes, the “if you haven’t worn it in 12 months, you don’t need it” approach works best. Donate items that can still be worn and recycle anything that cant be donated.
  • Accessories and other items such as toys, games and books usually in the bedroom should be considered for recycling if no longer useful



  • Pay attention to smaller appliances that no longer function properly. Items like blender, coffee machine, hot plate, egg beater are better off recycled than attempting to repair.
  • If there are utensils you haven’t used in a year, donate. Pots that can not be used, such as pots without lids, can also be recycled.
  • In addition, to maintain a recycling standard be sure to have recycling bins in your kitchen. An organic bin for plastics, bottles to return for deposit refund and paper.



  • Recycling in the bathroom is all about creating storage space.
  • Items like shampoo, pill and medicine containers,body wash and mouthwash bottles should be recycled.
  • In addition old, unused personal care items such as electric toothbrush and dryers can be recycled.

Other household items, that can surprisingly be recycled include:

  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • CDs, DVDs and gaming discs
  • Eye glasses, dental toiletries, etc.


Recycling can be a rewarding task; giving you space you need while helping to protect the planet. For items that cannot be donated, recycled and you do want to keep? Consider a secure self storage unit.

Quick tips on making home look more spacious

You might have de-cluttered, moved furniture around and even utilized a self storage unit but still find it hard to achieve your desired space. There’s a limit to how much space we can create without compromising our convenience. This is where these tips come in.

One easy way to give a “space” feel to your room is making use of furniture, such as arm chairs and sofas, that are raised on legs. Raised furniture allows for easier movement of light into the room. This effectively creates an illusion of having more space.

Living room space with high furniture

The use of transparent furniture like glass tables and plastic chairs, is another great way to make your room look spacious. Furniture pieces that are transparent allows you to see the walls and floor, giving the illusion of more space than there actually is. Where as, opaque furniture, completely blocks off space from view, giving your room the illusion of being smaller than it actually is.living room space with yellow arm chair and glass table


When buying curtains, be sure to get sheer curtains that can help elongate your room. Sheer curtains block minimal light, allowing the room to look and feel more open. Avoid the curtains touching the floor, so you utilize all the length and height of the room.


If you are a book lover, floor-to-ceiling bookcase is the best choice for your living space. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases gives an illusion of a higher ceiling. The symmetry and of the bookcase draws the eye upwards systematically, emphasizing the height of your ceiling.

floor to ceiling book shelf

Enjoy your new space!

4 tips to maximizing your garage space

Practical tips to transform your cluttered garage to self storage help

There never seems to be enough space in our homes and when we exhaust storage space inside, the garage fills the void. With limited amount of space, the garage can very easily becoming a cluttered dumping ground. Essentially, if it doesn’t fit in the house, it goes to the garage. Here at Hanover Storage, we recognize the importance of maximizing all spaces. Garages are used to store important items like tools, seasonal sport gear, and garden supplies, which when cluttered can be very frustrating.

These practical tips below will allow you turn your garage space from junk hell to storage heaven:


Keep, Dispose or Recycle

The first step in maximizing your garage space is deciding what your garage needs are. How would you like to use your garage? Do you intend to park your car in there during winter months then turn it into a workshop for summer? A good starting point in clarifying the needs of your garage is to figure out the items you need. Most importantly create an accurate inventory of items to be kept, thrown away and items that can be recycled.

Categorize and compartmentalize

Catgorized-storage-box-in-garageA great method in maximizing your  garage is designating space to all items with definite categories in mind. A great example, for sports lover, is store all sports equipment on one side of the garage and lawn care items on another side, allows items to be easily located when needed. Furthermore, you can use this method to structure your space with your current floor plan. We suggest that household items, should be closer the home doorway; items that are used more often should be easily accessed from outside. Seasonal bulky items such as ski equipment should be placed in hidden spaces within garage, that doesn’t take up primary space.

Send the Big stuff to self-storage

The most convenient and easily available method to maximizing your garage space is using self storage facility to store larger items.  Larger items such as sports gear, seasonal equipment and gas powered items are best kept out of the way till needed. At Hanover, seasonal storage is provided for items such as motorcycles, RV trucks and mid size cars for as little as $20 a month. In taking out larger items, you have more space to design and renovate your garage if you so wish.

Use every available corner

Kayak stored in garageThinking vertically saves enormous space in the garage. Garage walls can be useful when storing and inexpensive to utilize. A great start is recording the dimensions of the garage to determine use of space. An important way to maximize garage space is through overhead shelving which reserves premium floor space and keeps items out of sight from pets and children. Overhead shelves can be used to also store seasonal sporting gears such as skis. fishing poles, kayaks and snow boards. Open shelving and racks on the wall,  are also another great use of space in the garage instead of cabinets. Open shelves are easy to mount and can be multilayered to fit your desired categories.

Garages are untapped storage jackpot that most people ignore due to disorganization. Maximizing your space by determining the use of your space plus vertical arrangements may just be the key to using your garage for more than you can imagine. If the items are too bulky and need to be relocated for premium space use a self storage unit.

For more information on our storage units, please contact us