Tips for storing your dorm room with ease

Moving out of your door room is an experience most students do not look forward to; It can be tedious and extremely challenging. Here at Hanover Storage, convenience and ease is paramount to us and we have the right tips to make your transition easier. While in storage, you want all your items clean and ready to use for the next semester.

The best method to packing up your room for self storage, is to individually prep all items the right way.


  • For your large electronics like TV, stereo speakers, remove all batteries and unplug. This eliminates risk of corrosion
  • Clean out the interior of your bar fridge, making sure it is clean and dry.
  • Leave the door ajar for air flow and mould prevention
  • Take out bulbs from electronics such as desk lamp. If the lamp has a different shade, remove and store separately to avoid damage.
  • Take out glass carousel in microwave/toaster oven and pack separately with dishes
  • If the original boxes of your electronics are still available, use for best protection. Otherwise, place foam inside packing box for safer transport.
  • While in storage, place your electronics on top of each other, instead of the ground to prevent moisture damage.

Breakable items

  • Items such as mirrors and picture frames must be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect from scratches and dusts.
  • Carefully wrap your dishes in lots of newspaper. Then place bowls and plates on their sides, in a single layer and with thick  layer of paper.
  • Cups and glasses should be placed in an upright position and all space in box should be padded with paper for extra safety
  • When storing breakable items, avoid placing them directly on the ground. Cold surface might cause glass to begin to crack

Books and Linen

  • Larger boxes become too heavy to lift for storage if not stored in smaller boxes or storage bins. Preferably a bin for safer storage.
  • Rare and valuable books should be kept in plastic sleeves for extra protection. Place books upright or flat on their sides.

    Books piled for self storage unit


  • Place Linens and clothes in plastic bin bags to keep fabric moisture
  • Make sure linens are clean and dry before packing and storage.


These tips, should suffice for an easy breezy move. Still looking for a storage space for your room? Contact us for the best rates


A bit about Hanover, Ontario

A bit about Hanover, Ontario

Hanover is a small town located close to popular tourist destinations such as Blue Mountain, Collingwood and Kincardine. This area is well-known for its great ski resorts, beautiful sand beaches and farms. Located in cottage country, this means that many residents of this area have extra equipment such as skis and snowboards from the winter season.

Spring is the perfect time to store these items! While you’re busy tidying up the garage or shed, why not store your additional equipment until its needed? This will free-up space in your home, while also creating peace of mind that your items are safely stored in our newly renovated self-storage!

It’s a beautiful drive up to Hanover, where you can stop along the way at family farms to pick-up some fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, eggs, and even Maple syrup!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Get Rid of Stuff

5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Help
Get Rid of Your Stuff

Hanover Storage Self-Storage in Hanover Ontario


1. Can I live without this?

2. What’s the worst thing that could happen if I don’t have this? What could I do in that situation?

3. Could someone else benefit more from this item than I am currently?

4. When did I last use this item?

5. Does this item bring me joy?

If you find your answers lead you to discarding, do you need to donate, keep it elsewhere or toss it?

Hanover Storage offers affordable self-storage for the items you want to keep, but don’t need right now. Check us out at: to see rates, storage unit size and more!

Quick Tip Monday: Junk Drawer Revamp

Here’s our quick tip Monday!

Everyone has a junk drawer.

Here are the 5 items you need to throw away:

  1. Instruction manuals
  2. Extra Pens
  3. Takeout menus
  4. Old receipts
  5. Spare change
Household Junk Drawer
What you need to toss away!

Once you’re done the decluttering stage, you can focus on what you’d like to keep, donate or store.

Find all of your storage solutions at:

3 Tips for Moving Day

We’ve compiled a short checklist of moving tips that you’ll definitely appreciate the next time you do a move. While moves can be exciting, they can also be stressful. Check out the list below to keep you calm, cool, and collected.

  1. Power clean your new place!:
    • Your new home is empty, so get cleaning! While this may seem rushed (moving trucks are on their way…) you’ll be glad you power cleaned the floors, bathrooms and appliances before mountains of boxes arrive at your doorstep.
  2. Big items first:
    • Focus on getting the clunky appliances and furniture in first, as this is the most strategic and difficult step of the moving process. These items typically are more costly and require more time to move, so get them out of the way first.
  3. 24-hour items next:
    • Focus on the necessities: what do you need to survive the next 24 hours? Clothing, simple bedding, toiletries, snacks and your electronics are the basics which you’ll be reaching for the most.
Hanover Storage Moving Day Quick Tips Hanover Ontario Self-Storage
Moving Day Quick Tips

Current Obsession: Tiny Homes

One of the many reasons people use self-storage is that they’ve decided to downsize. For some of you, that may mean downsizing from a two-story home to a bungalow, or to a condo downtown. For others, this can mean a lot more.

A recent trend in homes are tiny houses, which are often residential structures under 500 square feet. This shift was propelled by a generation looking to be mortgage-free, with the added benefits of being able to pick-up-and-go, while leaving behind a smaller environmental impact.

We’ve collected a few of our favourite tiny home storage solutions, check them out below!


Hanover Storage Solutions Hanover Ontario
Under Staircase Storage
Hanover Storage Solutions Hanover Ontario
Added Loft Space
Hanover Storage Solutions Hanover Ontario
Under Bench Storage


Whether you’re downsizing to chase your dream of owning a chic tiny home, or simply looking to declutter your space, Hanover Storage offers storage solutions that fit your needs.

Functional Home Storage, Done Beautifully

As storage buffs, we love when functional storage meets beautiful design. Over here at Hanover Storage, we’re always on the hunt for quick and easy (but beautiful) storage design ideas for our homes.

Check out some of our favourite ideas below:

Hanover Storage Hanover Ontario Mini Storage Solutions
Vertical Shelves

1. Declutter Counters: we all accumulate so many appliances over the years and end up without much usable counter space. Install shelves above your workspace to free up space! If you’re a coffee or cocktail lover, use these shelves to create a “vertical coffee station” or “vertical bar cart”.

Hanover Storage Hanover Ontario Mini Storage Solutions
The Glass Pantry

2. We love the idea of using glass containers for pantry organization, and there are lots of creative ways to label your collection, from glass etching, professionally printed labels, free-hand writing, and more.

The Walk-By Closet

3. This one if our personal favourite! The Walk-By Closet allows you to display your favourite shoes, bags, or outfits, all while making them easily accessible for you to grab-and-go, and freeing up your precious closet space.

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